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About this app

  • Name IPTV
  • Category Video Players
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 6.1.11
  • Update 04/19/2024


IPTV is an application which enables users to watch television delivered via Internet Protocol instead of satellite means. 

Features of IPTV

  • It is still new for most users to get the concept of IPTV. To throw light on its main features is very important to promote a better understanding of IPTV. IPTV, simply as Internet Protocol Television, operates similarly with Video on Demand and Netflix. One great feature of IPTV is that it enables users to get TV channels by connecting the internet connection to the IPTV box. Users can watch their favorite shows after connection and subscribe to IPTV services. 


IPTV is an innovative app designed to reshape the way you experience television, by offering a customizable and tech-savvy approach to viewing content. Through its subscription service, IPTV grants users access to a wide array of channels, enabling them to tailor their viewing preferences and embrace the flexibility of watching TV shows whenever they like. Enhanced with additional features like a video recorder and VOIP services, IPTV ensures a high-definition, quality viewing experience right on your mobile device.

Core Features:

  • Customizable Channel Selections ? – Allows users to select their preferred channels according to their payment plan, ensuring a personalized viewing experience.
  • High-Quality HD Viewing ? – Supports high-definition viewing so you can enjoy crisp and clear videos on your television or mobile device.
  • Integrated Video Recorder ? – Equips users with the ability to record their favorite TV shows directly from their mobile devices and watch them at their convenience.
  • Additional VOIP Services ? – Offers users telephone services known as VOIP, adding a new layer of connectivity to your IPTV experience.


  • Expansive Content Access ? – A substantial variety of channels to choose from ensures you won't miss out on your favorite shows.
  • Personalized Packages ? – Option to customize channel packages based on individual preferences and payment options.
  • Convenient Recording ? – Never miss an episode again with the convenience of recording shows directly from your mobile device.
  • Enhanced Features ? – The app doesn't just limit itself to IPTV; it provides additional tech features, integrating well into a modern, tech-centered home.


  • Subscription Required ? – Full access to features and channel customization requires a paid subscription.
  • Dependent on Internet Quality ? – Streaming quality is heavily dependent on your internet connection, which might not always be reliable.
  • Device Compatibility ? – May not be compatible with all television or mobile device types, which could limit some users' experience.
  • Learning Curve ? – New users may have to navigate a learning curve to utilize all the features efficiently.


IPTV offers a subscription-based model, with prices varying depending on the package and features chosen. Users should expect the core app to be free with in-app purchases for premium content and additional features. ?


While IPTV aims at providing a highly satisfying user experience, there is no specific community data available for this app package.

Transform your TV watching experience with IPTV and gain the freedom to choose, record, and watch your favorite content with ease and in high definition.


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