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  • 5.0 RATINGS
  • 4+ AGE


About this app

  • Name Self
  • Category Finance
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 2.8.0
  • Update 04/19/2024


You checked your credit report, but feel like your credit score is stuck in a rut. Good news! Your credit score isn’t set in stone.

The Self credit app is a way to build credit history while building savings*. Build credit with Self, even with a low credit score (or no credit score)!

Start with the Self Credit Builder Account.

- No hard credit check

- No credit history needed

App Description for Self

Brief: Self is an innovative financial app designed to help users build a positive credit history while saving money. It offers access to Credit Builder Accounts and a Self Visa® Credit Card, both aimed at boosting your credit score with responsible usage.

Core Features:

  • Credit Score Monitoring: Track your VantageScore 3.0 and stay informed about your credit status. ?
  • Credit Reporting: Each on-time payment is reported to all three credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. ?
  • Self Visa® Credit Card: Available after meeting certain conditions, this card can further improve your credit mix. ?
  • Flexible Savings Plans: Begin with as little as $25/month, paying off over 12 to 24 months and ultimately receiving your savings minus fees. ?
  • Enhanced Security: Benefit from two-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption to ensure your information and funds are secure. ?


  • No Hard Credit Check: Creating an account with Self doesn't involve a hard pull on your credit, which can impact your score. ?
  • Accessible for Various Credit Levels: Whether you're new to credit or rebuilding, Self is structured to assist a wide range of users. ?
  • User Testimonials: Over a million people have used the app to significantly improve credit scores and save. ?
  • Positive Financial Behavior: Helps inculcate timely payment habits, which is a major factor in credit score calculation. ✅


  • Fees and Interest: Users need to be aware that their savings will be minus fees and interest charges. ?
  • U.S. Residency Requirement: The service is only available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents. ?
  • Varied Results: As with any credit-related product, individual results can vary and are not guaranteed. ?
  • Requires Financial Commitment: Users must commit to a monthly payment plan and maintain a saving deposit. ?


  • Affordable Entry Plans: Subscriptions start at $25 per month, offering flexible options for various budgets. ?
  • Transparent Terms: Full terms, including precise fee structures and interest rates, are available for review. ?

Community: (No information about the community was provided, so no community section will be included.)

By using the Self app, you can steer towards a healthier financial future with ease and security. Catered to those looking to enhance their credit score and save, it stands as an empowering tool in personal finance management.

Please note that access to specific features such as the Self Visa® Credit Card is subject to eligibility requirements, including account standing and savings progress. Additionally, a good FICO® score, which can be influenced by using Self, is beneficial for a range of financial goals. However, building and maintaining credit is a complex, personalized process, and continuous positive financial behavior is crucial for success. For detailed terms of service and privacy policy, please refer to the links provided in the original app description.


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