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Photo Lab

  • 5.0 RATINGS
  • 4+ AGE


About this app

  • Name Photo Lab
  • Category Photography
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 3.12.72
  • Update 04/22/2024


With the most advanced AI-driven technologies and the most creative designers behind the scenes, Photo Lab, a picture editor app, allows users to turn usual photos into something stunning. It includes fantastic face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects and photo filters, you can make your own image unique and creative in seconds without using a professional editor and share it with your friends. What’s more, you can combine effects with ease to create your own effects and styles. 

Let’s join the ever-growing Photo Lab community of over 260 million fans!

Brief: Photo Lab is a feature-rich photo editing application recognized for its simplicity and a broad range of artistic tools. Tailored for both novices and experienced editors, Photo Lab offers users a platform to enhance photos, create unique combinations of effects, and share their creations with ease.

Core Features:

  • Neat User Interface: Navigate effortlessly through the app's functionalities ?
  • Creative Combinations: Blend effects to craft custom styles ?
  • One-Tap Magic: Transform images into works of art with a single touch ✨
  • Personalized Greetings: Design cards for every occasion with a personal touch ?
  • Extensive Library: Over 1000 templates and 50+ pre-set styles at your disposal ?
  • Versatile Tools: Access photo frames, montages, filters, and collages to unleash creativity ?️


  • User-Friendly: Intuitive design for effortless photo editing ?
  • Instant Artwork: Quickly produce stunning photos with minimal effort ?
  • Customization Galore: A wide array of options for personalizing your creations ?️
  • Sharing Simplified: Save and share directly to social media platforms with ease ?
  • Diverse Resources: From frames to montages, cater to all your photo editing needs ?


  • Ad-heavy Experience: Users may find the number of ads intrusive ?
  • Quality Concerns: Some users report the final output image isn't high-res ?
  • Watermark Woes: Free version includes watermarks that can’t be removed ?

Price: ? Photo Lab offers a blend of free features with the option of in-app purchases to enhance the user's experience. Specific features may require payment to unlock.


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