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CSL Plasma

  • 5.0 RATINGS
  • 4+ AGE


About this app

  • Name CSL Plasma
  • Category Medical
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 3.39.3
  • Update 04/19/2024


CSL Plasma, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, upholds a tradition of innovation and customer focus. We are committed to our work because people's lives depend on us. CSL Plasma is a subsidiary of CSL Behring, a global biotherapeutics company and a member of the CSL Group of companies. The parent company, CSL Limited (ASX:CSL; USOTC:CSLLY), headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, employs more than 25,000 people, and delivers its life-saving therapies to people in more than 70 countries. 

CSL Plasma

Brief: CSL Plasma app seamlessly integrates the donor experience by offering a convenient platform for those contributing plasma to manage their activities and rewards. Designed with a user-friendly interface, this app serves as a personal guide for plasma donors, making the donation process smoother and more rewarding.

Core Features:

  • ? Stay Updated: Receive the latest updates and promotions to make the most of your plasma donation experience.
  • ? Rewards Management: Keep track of your reward points and manage your prepaid debit card transactions directly through the app.
  • ? Feedback Channel: Provide direct feedback to CSL Plasma, ensuring your voice is heard and contributing to service improvements.
  • ? Center Locator: Easily find a CSL Plasma donation center near you with the integrated locator feature.


  • ? Convenience: Manage your donation activities anytime, anywhere.
  • ? Incentive Tracking: Easily track and access your earned rewards and payment history.
  • ? Direct Communication: Offer feedback straight to the source for effective communication with CSL Plasma.
  • ? Simplified Searches: Quickly locate nearby plasma donation centers, saving you time and effort.


  • ? Niche Use: Mainly beneficial for regular plasma donors.
  • ? Device Compatibility: Performance may vary depending on the device used.
  • ? Connectivity Dependency: Requires a stable internet connection for updates and location services.
  • ? Learning Curve: New users might need some time to get accustomed to the app's features.


  • ? The app is free to download and use, with no additional in-app purchases required.

Please note that the app requires registration with CSL Plasma, and users must be existing donors or willing to become plasma donors to benefit fully from the app's features.

Download CSL Plasma on the App Store or Google Play

The information provided is based on the app description and functionality up to the knowledge cutoff date and is subject to change with app updates.


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