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About this app

  • Name
  • Category Lifestyle
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 1.8.1
  • Update 04/19/2024


Swop your goods easily with people nearby.

Find great stuff in your neighbourhood and trade it with people around. is a very easy way to get stuff you need or want for free.

Brief offers a unique marketplace platform that revolutionizes the way you trade items. It dismantles the typical buy-and-sell framework, introducing a barter system updated for the modern user. With an intuitive design, fosters a community where items can be swapped with ease. If you've been looking for a way to give your possessions a second life while acquiring something new without spending a dime, this is your platform.

Core Features

  • ?️ Create & List Items: Easily list your own items for others to view and express interest in swapping. ?
  • ? Swipe & Match: Swipe through a feed of potential swop matches and initiate trades by tapping the "Send" button on appealing items. ?
  • ? In-App Chat: Safely discuss swop details, negotiate, and come to an agreement directly through the app's built-in chat feature. ?
  • ?️ Deal Management: You have full control over your trades. If you decide against a swop, simply reject the deal. ?
  • ? Boost Option: Increase the visibility of your listed items with the "Boost" feature, propelling them to the top of the feed for more offers. ?


  • ? Community-Focused: Foster a sharing economy by swapping items with like-minded individuals. ?
  • ? No Cash Required: Trade items you no longer need without the necessity for a monetary exchange. ?
  • ? User-Friendly: Enjoy a clear and intuitive user interface that makes listing and swopping items effortless. ?
  • ? Reuse & Recycle: Encourage sustainable living by swopping instead of discarding items. ?
  • ? Safe Trading: With integrated chat and user controls, offers a secure environment for all your trades. ?


  • ? Limited Reach: The success of trades depends on the app's user base and item variety within your proximity. ?
  • ? Deal Reliance: Trades are only successful if both parties agree, which may not always happen swiftly. ?
  • ? Battery Usage: Regular use of features like swiping, chatting, and boosting may lead to increased battery consumption. ?
  • ? Variable Item Value: Assessing the value of items can be subjective, potentially leading to uneven trades. ?


  • ? is free to download and use. Some in-app features such as "Boost" promotions are available for purchase, providing additional visibility for items you're swopping. The pricing for these features is subject to the app's internal pricing policies.

With, you enter a non-traditional auction house, where the currency is the items you already own. Revive the art of bartering and join a community eager to trade and exchange without the barriers of money. Download now to start swopping with a simple swipe!

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