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Live Soccer TV

  • 5.0 RATINGS
  • 4+ AGE


About this app

  • Name Live Soccer TV
  • Category Sports
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 6.1.8
  • Update 04/19/2024


Stay connected to beautiful game with the indispensable Live Soccer TV app. Official verified multi-platform broadcast listings (TV, Streaming, Radio, & OTT) for live matches. Get soccer schedules & TV rights for over 4,000 sports channels in over 200 countries.

The Live Soccer TV app is the iOS & Android platform for - a soccer website that provides a soccer TV guide that methodically researches & compiles international broadcast listings, soccer broadcast rights, fixtures, live scores, stats and soccer news reliably since 2004.

Live Soccer TV provides live soccer scores, lineups, stats, match events, live text commentary & social media content for soccer matches. Catch up with world soccer news & trending topics in the news section.

Live Soccer TV

Brief: Live Soccer TV is a comprehensive guide for soccer fans, delivering all the necessary details for following live soccer matches. The app provides official broadcast listings on various platforms, including TV, live streaming, OTT services, radio, on-demand viewing, TV replays, and more. It ensures soccer enthusiasts get accurate channel information, broadcasting quality, and providers in their territory. The app emphasizes legal viewing, directing users exclusively to the official rights holders and legitimate broadcasters.

Core Features:

  • ? Official Broadcast Listings: Access listings for a wide range of soccer leagues and competitions across different platforms ?.
  • ? Real-Time Notifications: Get kick-off reminders and notifications for your favorite teams and leagues ⏰.
  • ? Calendar Integration: Easily add match events and broadcast details to your personal calendar ?️.
  • ? In-Depth Club & Player Data: Explore extensive team content, player databases, and match stats ?.
  • ? Spoiler Control: Hide live scores to enjoy the games at your pace without spoilers ?.


  • ? Follow Your Favorites: Personalize the app experience by following favorite teams, leagues, and channels ?.
  • ? Up-to-Date Standings: Keep track of league and competition standings as well as player goal and assist tables ?.
  • ?️ Comprehensive Coverage: Extensive match previews, reports, and daily football news coverage ?.
  • ? User-friendly Interface: Efficiently manage and sort your favorite teams and competitions for quick access ?.
  • ? Legality and Safety: Ensures all content is legal, refraining from highlighting illegal streaming or unofficial broadcasts ⚖️.


  • ? No Live Streaming: The app does not offer live streaming within it, possibly disappointing users expecting direct viewing options ❌.
  • ? Regional Restrictions: Users might face limitations in content based on their geographical location due to broadcasting rights ?️.
  • ? Dependency on Broadcasters: Availability of live audio and video is subject to third-party broadcasters and can be inconsistent ?.
  • ? Requires Updating: Occasional updates are necessary to keep listings and links accurate, which could be an inconvenience ?.
  • ?️ No Offline Mode: The app requires an internet connection to access most features, limiting accessibility in areas with poor connectivity ?.


  • ? The Live Soccer TV app does not mention a price, suggesting that it might be free to download. However, please check for actual pricing and possible in-app purchases on your respective app store ?.


  • ?️ For passionate soccer fans, there is a significant community aspect to this app:
    • The app's official website can be accessed for additional info and updates.
    • YouTube channels that cover soccer extensively may provide game highlights and analysis.
    • Instagram and Twitter are rife with soccer influencers and official team accounts with the latest news.
    • Facebook, TikTok, and Reddit host vibrant communities where fans discuss matches and share content.
    • Fandom wiki sites offer in-depth information on teams, players, and historical data.

Note: Since the community details were not specified in the request, links and the most followed influencers are not provided.


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