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Pocket Styler

  • 5.0 RATINGS
  • 4+ AGE


About this app

  • Name Pocket Styler
  • Category Casual
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 1.0.10
  • Update 04/19/2024


Become the trendsetter in a modern world of fashion influencers. Compete with other players across the globe and show them your taste in this glamorous dress-up game!

Do you like stylish clothing? Do you get excited about extravagant accessories or stunningly beautiful makeup and hair combinations? Then you're in for a fashionable treat! 


Enter the dazzling universe of fashion with Pocket Styler, where you'll embark on an opulent shopping spree to curate a sophisticated wardrobe featuring high-end clothing and luxurious accessories. Unleash creativity by picking the perfect hairstyle and makeup to complete your avatar's look. Compete in glitzy fashion events, ascend the ranks of stylish fashionistas, and leave your mark as a formidable influencer.

Core Features

  • ?️ Vast Wardrobe: Access an ever-expanding array of chic outfits, paired with an assortment of accessories such as bags, hats, shoes, and jewelry.
  • ? Makeover Magic: Experiment with numerous makeup options and hairstyles to create millions of unique combinations for your avatar.
  • ? Fashion Events: Engage in numerous style contests, aim for the zenith and reap exclusive rewards while showcasing your fashion sense.
  • ? Community Votes: Roast or praise fellow players' styles, engage in friendly competition, and climb up the leaderboard.


  • ? Infinite Styling Options: The game offers limitless clothing and accessory combinations to ensure each avatar is distinct and on-trend.
  • ? Interactive Experience: Rate other players' looks, giving the game a competitive yet communal feel.
  • ? Rewarding Progression: Regular events mean there's always a new challenge to look forward to, accompanied by unique prizes.
  • ? Refreshed Content: The ever-growing inventory of items keeps the game fresh and exciting.


  • ? Connectivity Dependency: An internet connection may be required for certain features, limiting playability on-the-go.
  • ? Time Investment: Competing in events and climbing leaderboards can be time-consuming, potentially daunting for casual players.
  • ? In-Game Purchases: The temptation of in-game purchases to accelerate progress could be a downside for those on a budget.
  • ? Repetitive Gameplay: Some players might find the cycle of dress-up and competition repetitive after extended play periods.


  • ? Free-to-Play: Pocket Styler is a free app, but in-app purchases are available, allowing players to buy additional items or currency to enhance their gaming experience.


  • ?️ Official Site: Not specified.
  • ? YouTube: Not specified.
  • ? Related Influencers: Links for social media sites like Facebook are provided, where players can engage with other members of the community. Here's the official Facebook page for Pocket Styler.

The community section does not include more detailed social media information due to lack of specifics provided, regarding YouTube channels, Instagramers, Twitter, Discord, TikTok, Reddit, and a fandom wiki site.


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