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Kahoot! Learn to Read by Poio

  • 5.0 RATINGS
  • 4+ AGE


About this app

  • Name Kahoot! Learn to Read by Poio
  • Category Educational
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 7.0.8
  • Update 04/19/2024


Kahoot! Poio Read makes it possible for kids to learn to read on their own.

This award-winning learning app has taught over 100,000 children how to read by giving them the phonics training they need to recognise letters and their sounds, so that they can read new words.

Brief: Kahoot! Learn to Read by Poio is an interactive adventure game designed to teach reading and phonics to children in a fun and engaging way. Accessible through a Kahoot!+ Family subscription, the app combines play with education by letting kids help the character Poio and his friends, the Readlings, to unlock the stories in a fairy-tale book.

Core Features:

  • ? Adaptive Learning: The game adapts to the child's reading level, making each play session personalized and challenging.
  • ? The Readlings: These cute, letter-munching creatures add charm to the learning process, each with unique tastes and personalities.
  • ?️ Explorative Environments: Kids learn within diverse settings such as a forest, a desert valley, and a winter land, enhancing their engagement.
  • ? Interactive Houses: As a reward for progress, children can decorate houses, deepening their understanding of nouns and verbs.
  • ? Collectable Cards: These cards serve as a fun way to encourage practice and track achievements within the game. ?


  • ? Family Subscription Benefits: A single Kahoot!+ Family subscription provides access to this app and other educational tools.
  • ? Customized Learning Paths: Continuous adaptation to a child's abilities offers a tailored educational experience.
  • ?️ Creative Engagement: The storyline approach motivates children to read by involving them in story creation.
  • ? Progress Tracking: Email reports for parents to track their child’s progress and foster a supportive learning environment.


  • ? Subscription Requirement: The app is not free and requires a Kahoot!+ Family subscription to access.
  • ?️ Limited Trial: Only a 7-day free trial may not be sufficient for extensive evaluation.
  • ? Repetition: Some children may find the phonics tasks repetitive over time.
  • ? Time Commitment: Regular play is needed to progress, which might be a challenge for busy families.

Pricing: ? The app operates on a subscription basis as part of the Kahoot!+ Family package. It offers a 7-day trial, after which subscription fees apply. The fee structure may vary, so users should check the latest pricing on the Kahoot! platform.

Community: ?️ Unfortunately, no community data is available at this time to provide insights about the app's presence on various social media or community platforms.

Crafting this comprehensive summary provides you with a clear glimpse of what Kahoot! Learn to Read by Poio offers, including its innovative learning system, benefits, and few but notable limitations, along with the commercial considerations you may need to take into account.


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