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Video Editor

  • 5.0 RATINGS
  • 4+ AGE


About this app

  • Name Video Editor
  • Category Video Players
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version
  • Update 04/19/2024


Video Editor - Glitch Video Effects is awarded The Google Play User's Choice 2019 Awards!

GlitchCam is the most stylish Video Editor with stunning glitch video effects. You can distort video in an artistic way easily with this glitch video editor. Besides, massive unique Music, VHS, 3d Vaporwave Effects, Retro Filters and editing tools make your clip even sparkle. Enjoy your own glitch vlog creation, lead glitch art wave across Instagram now!

App Name: Video Editor

Brief: Unlock the power of retro visuals with Video Editor, the ultimate glitch video effect powerhouse. Whether you're aiming for a throwback vibe with nostalgic VHS textures or cutting-edge aesthetics with cyber transformations, this app offers a treasure trove of over 100 unique effects, all at your fingertips for that perfect video project.

Core Features:

  • ? Extensive Visual Effects Library: More than 100 different effects including Retro VHS, Neon, Noise, and Cyber for enhancing videos with a glitchy, vintage, or futuristic look. ?
  • ? Music Integration: Import personal music tracks, add them to videos with ease, and manipulate volume and fade settings for a seamless audio-visual blend. ?
  • ? Retro Camcorder Simulation: Shoot videos with real-time retro effects reminiscent of 80s and 90s VHS camcorders for that classic, frame-skipped aesthetic. ?
  • ✂️ Complete Video Editing Toolset: Video trimming, cutting, aspect ratio adjustments, and high-resolution exports with a collection of film-inspired filters. ?
  • ? Social Media Compatibility: Tailored aspect ratios for various platforms like Instagram, and capabilities to create stunning video intros. ?


  • ? User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, enabling users to apply complex effects without a steep learning curve.
  • ? Custom Audio Options: The ability to utilize personal music tracks allows for unique and personalized video creations.
  • ? No Cost Barrier: It's a free app, making powerful editing tools accessible without a subscription or purchase required.
  • ? High-Quality Output: The app supports high-resolution video exports, ensuring the end product is crisp and professional.
  • ? Broad Compatibility: Shares to a variety of social media, expanding the reach and usability of the content created.


  • ? Potential Performance Issues: High-quality effects could lead to performance lags on less powerful devices.
  • ? Space Consumption: The app may consume significant storage space on the device, especially when handling high-resolution videos.
  • ? Learning Curve for Novices: Beginners might still find the array of options overwhelming.
  • ? Ads: Being a free app, it might include advertisements that can be intrusive.
  • ? In-App Purchases: Some premium features may require in-app purchases, which could be a downside for those expecting entirely free functionality.

Price: ? The Video Editor app itself is free to download and use, however, it may offer in-app purchases for access to additional features or to remove ads.


Embark on your video editing journey equipped with a creative arsenal from Video Editor, and let your projects pulsate with the digital heart of the glitch aesthetic.


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