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Universal TV Remote Control

  • 5.0 RATINGS
  • 4+ AGE


About this app

  • Name Universal TV Remote Control
  • Category House & Home
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 2.0.8
  • Update 04/19/2024


Tired of repeatedly searching for your remote control, when your favorite show is up? Universal TV Remote Control is the best electronic remote control for you!

Our application works for both the Smart TVs/Devices and IR TVs, though the operation may differ. For Smart TVs or Devices, You only need to make sure that your phone as well as Smart TV / Device connects to the same Wifi network, then you can freely use our app. As for IR TVs, in order to make a favorable environment for the remote control to work, your phone must have a built-in Infrared (IR) feature. The IR feature will send signals from your phone to the TV set just like a normal TV remote.

When these settings are completed, you can now cast media files stored on your mobile phone to your TV screen.

App Name: Universal TV Remote Control
Package Name:

Brief: The Universal TV Remote Control app is an innovative solution for Android users who want to control their TVs using their smartphones. With a seamless Android connectivity system, the app offers users the ability to quickly connect and manage different functionalities on their Android TVs and Samsung smart TVs. It is the perfect tool for both traditional and smart TV owners, offering a range of remote control features provided their device supports infrared for non-smart TVs or is on the same WiFi network for smart TVs.

Core Features:

  • ? Home Control: Easily access the home screen of your smart TV with one touch. ?
  • ? Voice Search: Utilize voice commands to search for content hands-free. ?️
  • ? Power Management: Turn your TV on or off with the tap of a button. ⚡
  • ? Volume Adjustment: Control the mute function and adjust volume levels seamlessly. ?
  • ?️ Navigation Controls: Use your smartphone as a mouse, with effortless navigation and keyboard input. ?️


  • ? Versatility: Works with a wide array of television brands, including Samsung smart TVs. ?
  • ? Intuitive Interface: The application is user-friendly and easy to navigate. ?
  • ? Quick Setup: Fast discovery and connection to Android TVs make the setup process a breeze. ?
  • ?️ Media Integration: View photos, videos, and listen to music from your phone on your TV screen. ?


  • ? Infrared Requirement: Non-smart TV users need a smartphone with infrared capabilities, limiting the app's use on certain devices. ?
  • ⚙️ Compatibility Issues: While the app supports a range of TVs, there might be specific models or brands with which it may not work flawlessly. ?
  • ?️ Network Dependency: Both smartphone and smart TV must be connected to the same WiFi for the app to function. ?
  • ? Updates and Support: Depending on the device, users may encounter issues that require timely updates and support. ?


  • ? The Universal TV Remote Control app is presumably free to download with potential in-app purchases to access advanced features. However, the exact details on pricing for additional features are not provided.

Please enjoy this easy-to-use application for a seamless TV remote experience right from your Android device.


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