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Remote for ROKU TVs / Devices : Codematics

  • 5.0 RATINGS
  • 4+ AGE


About this app

  • Name Remote for ROKU TVs / Devices : Codematics
  • Category House & Home
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 1.17
  • Update 04/19/2024


Supports all ROKU TVs / Devices:

“Universal Remote — Roku TV / Devices” is a smart TV control app that gives you an easy and amazing solution to control your Roku TV / Devices with any Android Phone. This is a fully functional remote control by Codematics which gives you the ease of opening apps installed on your Roku TV / devices directly from your Phone.

Please note that it’s important to connect your Phone and Roku TV/Devices with the same Wi-Fi network.

Remote for ROKU TVs / Devices: Codematics

Craft the most of your entertainment experience with the Codematics Universal Remote for Roku TV/Devices. Designed for seamless interaction with all Roku TV devices, this app brings simplicity and responsiveness to your fingertips. The Codematics team values user satisfaction and encourages feedback to keep improving your remote control journey.

? Core Features:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through your Roku TV/device with ease using an intuitive design ?.
  2. Universal Compatibility: Perfect alignment with all Roku TV models and devices ?.
  3. Directional Navigation: Effortless menu and content exploration with arrow keys ⬆️⬇️.
  4. Channel & Volume Control: Quick access to your favorite channels and volume adjustment ?.

? Pros:

  1. Simplified User Experience: Prioritizing ease and accessibility ?.
  2. All-in-One Solution: Replace multiple remotes with one app ?.
  3. Quick Setup: Start operating your Roku TV/device without complicated processes ✅.
  4. Cordial Support: Access to friendly customer service ready to assist you ?.
  5. Customer-Centric: An app that evolves through user feedback and suggestions ?.

? Cons:

  1. Device Dependent: Requires compatible Roku TV/devices ?.
  2. Internet Connection: Needs a stable Wi-Fi to function correctly ?.
  3. Limited to Roku: Exclusive for Roku devices; not for other smart TVs or devices ❗.
  4. Battery Usage: May consume phone battery faster than a regular remote ?.

? Price: The app is free to download with potential in-app purchases (details on pricing are not available without current data).

If this app is categorized as a game, it would include a community section with social media and online community links; however, no additional data was provided, so this app does not feature a community section as it is not a game app.

Experience the convenience of controlling your Roku device with an app developed with your needs in mind. Download 'Remote for ROKU TVs / Devices: Codematics' and transform your device management experience today.


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