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eFootball™ 2024

  • 5.0 RATINGS
  • 4+ AGE


About this app

  • Name eFootball™ 2024
  • Category Sports
  • Price Free
  • Safety 100% Safe
  • Version 8.3.1
  • Update 04/22/2024


Approximately 3.3 GB of free space will be required to install this update, so please confirm that you have enough room on your device before commencing the download.

*Given the size of the file, we highly recommend that you connect to a Wi-Fi network to download it.

We have received reports from some users indicating that Google Play does not always display the correct download size.

Core Features:

  • ? Next-Generation Soccer Gaming: Transition from the iconic "PES" to "eFootball™" for a brand new soccer experience.
  • ? eFootball™ World: Create and upgrade your Dream Team, participate in global events, and face soccer powerhouses with official teams.
  • Authentic Club Experience: Engage with licensed clubs like AC Milan, FC Barcelona, and leagues with their official names.
  • ? Real-Time Online Matches: Compete in the eFootball™ League and various events to win rewards and showcase your team's prowess.
  • ? Weekly Live Updates: Stay up-to-date with real match data influencing player stats and team rosters for a realistic gaming experience.


  • ? Authentic Clubs and Leagues: A broad selection of officially licensed clubs and leagues enhances the realism.
  • ? Customizable Dream Teams: The freedom to sign and develop players, creating a personalized strategy and team.
  • ? Multiplayer Competitiveness: Division-based tournaments provide engaging and competitive play.
  • ? Live Weekly Realism: Integration of real-world soccer data ensures a continuously fresh and authentic experience.
  • ? User-Friendly Commands: The game mechanics and commands are simplified for enjoyable mobile gameplay.


  • ? Large Download: Approximately 3.3 GB of storage space required, potentially a hurdle for devices with limited capacity.
  • ? Wi-Fi Dependent: A stable Wi-Fi connection is strongly recommended for downloading and optimal play, which might be limiting for some users.
  • ? Update Wait Time: Users need to wait for the download progress to complete and for maintenance to end before playing.
  • ? Storage Management: Adequate space is necessary for updates, meaning users may need to manage device storage frequently.
  • ? Internet Requirement: An internet connection is essential for gameplay, restricting access in areas without reliable connectivity.


  • ? Free-to-Play: eFootball™ 2023 is free to download, allowing instant access to the soccer universe.
  • ? In-App Purchases: The game may offer in-app purchases for enhancing the gaming experience (prices vary).


Dive into the world of eFootball™ 2023 and enjoy the thrill of leading your Dream Team to victory on the digital soccer field!


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